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Kicking Pads



These Kicking target pads are designed for versatility and flexibility for kicking and punching and for exercise. These are a durable light weight pads with dense padding and quality stitching ensure long lasting punishment. Strap thepads to each forearm and along with your training partner you will be able to kick, punch and knee your way through so many exercises that will leave you knowing you had a great workout! Let's not forget the benefit of the person holding the Thai pads will also get a massive workout! They are curved in design to help both the holder and the kicker to have a more effective workout.


· For Home and Cardio Workouts

· Train With a Partner

· Build Strength, Speed and Accuracy

· Foam Padding Protects Arms

· Adjustable Velcro Strap and Riveted Handle Provides a Secure Grip

· The seal is hand made sewed ,firm and durable.

· Curved Designed for Effective Kicking and Workouts

· Speical target for fighting,thicker and heavier,the capability of anti-strike is strong.

· Comes as a Pair

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